Microtia Recovery - A New Ear for Michael


My name is Michael. I was born with one normal sized ear and one small ear.


When my twin brother John and I were little it was one of the only ways to tell us apart!


My dad called it my "lucky ear" kind of like Nemo's "lucky fin" in Finding Nemo.


I have always known how to make people laugh!


When I turned 4 we went to visit Dr. Jones in Atlanta who is very good at making small ears look like normal sized ears.


Stone Mountain, Georgia


We stayed with our aunt and uncle in Decatur for all 4 surgeries. We loved playing with our cousin.


The nurses were so nice at Scottish Rite. I had all my buddies with me!


I had a little medicine to make me sleepy. John got to ride with me to the operating room.


After my surgery I slept for a long time. When I woke up I had balloons, presents and cards all around me.


Mom stayed in the hospital for 3 days. We watched lots of Scooby-Doo! John and dad came every morning to spend the day with us. John loved coming and playing in the playrooms. We even got to meet Spider-Man!

It was great when we got to leave the hospital! We went and made cards for all of our favorite nurses. We stayed in Atlanta for a few more days before going back to see Dr. Jones and getting the wrap off. We did lots of fun things in Atlanta and I felt great!


Atlanta Aquarium


Over the next 9 months I had 3 more surgeries. We got used to the long drive to and from Raleigh!


Dr. Jones and everyone in the office were always so nice to us!


About a week after each surgery we came back to Atlanta to have Dr. Jones take my stitches out. My grandmother Acra rode along. It was fun to stay right down the street at the Georgia Terrace, we loved to go to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner! I got lots of special treats because I was so brave when I had my stitches out!


This was my last surgery. My little sister Georgia got to come this time!


Thank you Dr. Jones for my new ear!


This is me just one month after my surgery and Kindergarten Graduation, my 6th birthday and the beach. The only problem is that now people have a hard time telling me and John apart! Every surgery has made me a little tougher! I love my new ear! Thanks Dr. Jones!