Ear Reconstruction and Microtia Surgery Specialist

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, your most qualified Ear Reconstruction and Microtia Specialist. Dr. Jones is double board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT). His unique training and experience has earned Dr. Jones distinguished authority when it comes to ear reconstruction, with specialized expertise in helping patients with Microtia. He is a talented and caring surgeon that is equipped to perform a full range of ear reconstruction procedures, including those for congenital ear deformities and ear trauma. When it comes to restoring you or your child’s ear to the most natural form and function, you can trust Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists.

Know Your Microtia Surgery Options

Microtia can cause extensive emotional pain and even hearing loss in a child, making ear reconstruction an invaluable procedure that can significantly improve your child’s quality of life. It is important for parents to understand all of the options available to them when considering microtia repair or other types of otoplasty. While there are several different methods for microtia repair, we believe that the time tested and proven sculpted rib graft technique is superior. It utilizes a patient’s own natural tissue, making it less susceptible to infection or rejection than an artificial ear.

Trust an Experienced Surgeon

You can trust that when it comes to ear surgery at our practice, Dr. Jones uses innovative techniques that create a natural shape, while bringing balance and proportion to the ears and face. Correction of even minor deformities can bring significant improvements to appearance and self-esteem.

Unlike most plastic surgeons who perform ear reconstructions, Dr. Jones is experienced and trained in both the outer ear structure as well as the inner ear. He skillfully integrates the outer ear reconstruction without compromising the workings of the inside ear. Dr. Jones carries the distinguished talent, depth of training and specialized experience it takes to be your most trusted surgeon for ear reconstruction. To learn more about ear surgery procedures from an elite Microtia Specialist contact Mark Mitchell Jones, MD, FACS today.