Cryptotia or Hidden Ear Deformity

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is an experienced plastic surgeon that treats cryptotia or hidden ear deformity with the highest level of expertise. Dr. Jones is double board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT), which allows him to integrate effective techniques to reconstruct the outer ear without compromising the inner ear functions. At our Atlanta practice, we are known for successfully treating the most challenging congenital ear deformities. Dr. Jones uses innovative techniques and advanced surgical methods to customize a treatment plan that addresses your unique concerns and goals.

What is Cryptotia?

Cryptotia is frequently referred to as the “hidden” ear deformity. In these cases, the cartilage of the upper ear is present, but it is hidden beneath the skin of the scalp. Therefore, patients appear as though they have no upper portion of the ear. Although the upper ear cartilage framework is present, there may be some malformations of the upper ear that need repair.

Treatment for Cryptotia

The treatment for cryptotia largely depends on the severity of your case. Ear molding, a non-surgical treatment, can be used and may be all that is needed to expand the skin if a normal cartilage framework is already in tact.

However, surgical correction of cryptotia is often needed. This requires the use of local skin flaps or skin grafts to elevate the ear framework from the side of the head. Dr. Jones is exceptionally qualified to correct the external ear structure using his innovative cartilage grafting techniques. You can be confident that he will use surgical methods that produce the most natural, confident outcome for your child. Surgical cryptotia repair using skin grafts is typically an outpatient procedure.

Contact our practice today to learn more about Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones and his renowned success in treating congenital ear malformations. He carries over 20 years of experience and specialized training in his field, which helps parents feel confident that their child is in good hands during any type of ear reconstruction procedure.