Microtia Ear Surgery Guide

Microtia is a common birth defect in which both the outer and middle ear does not fully develop. Surgery can correct microtia in cases ranging from an ear that is only slightly smaller than normal with an ear canal to only a peanut-like trace of an external ear and an absence of an ear canal and eardrum.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is an elite microtia repair specialist that understands the emotional pain and hearing loss that accompany microtia, especially in a child. We want parents to have a full understanding of the options available to them as well as be well informed on the microtia condition itself. Dr. Jones believes that the time tested and proven sculpted rib graft technique is the best solution. It utilizes a patient’s own natural tissue, making it less susceptible to infection or rejection than an artificial ear.

We offer the following information about microtia to help patients feel comfortable and confident in choosing Microtia Repair Surgery:

Advantage of Choosing Mark Mitchell Jones, MD

Patients who choose Dr. Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists for their microtia repair gain a significant and invaluable advantage. Dr. Jones carries years of specialized training and experience in both plastic surgery (outer ear) and otology (inside ear), a unique combination that has never been duplicated. It allows Dr. Jones to integrate the outer ear reconstruction without compromising the workings of the inside ear.

If you or someone you know suffers from microtia, please contact our office. We can explain your surgical treatment options, what to expect during recovery as well as any estimated surgery costs. Dr. Jones is committed to using the most progressive and state-of-the-art techniques to help patients have the ears they were meant to have. Many patients come to us from out of town and we can help you find accommodations, dining, and entertainment for your family while in the Atlanta area.