Ear Keloids

If you need effective treatment for ear keloids in the Atlanta area, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones can help you. He is a renowned reconstructive ear surgeon with double board certifications in plastic surgery and otolaryngology. Treatment for keloid scars can be challenging and it often requires a combination of strategies and techniques for effective results. You can trust that Dr. Jones is equipped to handle keloids on the ear, including those that were caused by ear piercings, a previous surgery or an ear trauma.

What Causes Ear Keloids?

A keloid is a scar caused by an excessive and continued production cartilage during or after healing. Keloid scars go beyond the borders of the original wound. This type of scarring occurs in approximately 10% of the population. Although keloids are not malignant, they can be very difficult to treat due to their high recurrence rate.

It is common to find ear keloids as a result of infection from ear piercing. Depending on your specific case, keloids can be treated using corticosteroids and laser therapy, but they may also require surgical excision and skin grafting for optimal results.

Dr. Jones is exceedingly qualified to treat ear keloids that produce the following symptoms:

• Raised, nodular appearance

• Pain and itchiness on the scar

• Noticeable change in skin texture

• Skin that is darker and shinier than normal (or it may be red or pink)

Please contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jones if you need effective management or removal of ear keloids. He is known for providing natural, balanced and beautiful results for patients that have congenital and traumatic ear defects. He is a caring surgeon who takes the times to fully understand your concerns before recommending the best treatment options.