Patient Testimonials and Reviews

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a reputable ear surgeon who is double board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT). In performing over 500 ear reconstruction surgeries, he has earned the respect of countless patients with ear deformities such as microtia. Dr. Jones is known for his innovative rib graft techniques and proprietary methods when it comes to microtia repair. He carries the unique capability to provide superior plastic surgery restoration to the external ear shape without compromising the function of the inner ear.

Excellence in Ear Reconstruction

We are proud to share these patient testimonials and reviews, which affirm the excellence in ear reconstruction that Dr. Jones delivers. If you or your child suffers from an ear deformity or ear trauma, you can trust Dr. Jones to handle your concerns using the most advanced surgical techniques available and the caring, patient-centered care that you deserve. At our Atlanta practice, we are passionate about helping patients with microtia or other ear deformities with methods that not only restore the function and form of their ear but also improve their overall quality of life.

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