What Should I do to Prepare for Microtia Surgery?

To prepare for microtia surgery many parents find it helpful to thoroughly discuss the process with the child. Children do not always understand surgery as adults do. They need to understand that they will be under sedation, the doctor will do the operation, they will wake up (very groggy) with bandages. Most children think surgery will instantaneously fix their ear. Some parents prepare their children by bandaging a favorite stuffed toy so the child will understand how their ear will look.

Skin Tags

Some children with microtia are also born with skin tags that appear in front of their ear on their face. Some doctors remove these skin tags prior to the microtia repair or it can be done at the same time. The skin tags, while they can be unsightly, are harmless growths. Often the skin tags are vestigial ears and can be used as part of the reconstruction process.

Preparing Your Child

Prior to surgery children are generally examined by the physician for overall health and most have had a CT scan or MRI to determine the presence of the components of the middle and inner ear to see if there is adequate structure for reconstruction. Hearing tests are generally done at birth and then every six months. Speech evaluations are also performed at two months and every six months thereafter.

Before the Surgery

Every patient undergoes a pre-operative preparation by Dr. Jones personally, with his staff assisting. Dr. Jones reviews the physical, medical history and consents (copies are made for the family). He will also determine the necessary laboratory tests, preparatory medications and soaps. Dr. Jones will answer any remaining questions at this time.

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