Ear Loss and Reconstruction Surgeon

If you have recently suffered a head trauma that caused a severe ear injury or ear loss, you can trust Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones. With this renowned expertise in microtia repair and his proven results with cosmetic ear surgery, Dr. Jones is exceedingly qualified to handle the most challenging traumatic ear deformities, including partial or total loss of the ear. Dr. Jones is dual board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT), which allows him the unique and important capability to reconstruct the external ear structure without compromising the inner workings of the ear. We understand what a frightening experience it is to lose either parts or all of your ear during an accident. You can trust that Dr. Jones will present a detailed treatment plan to reconstruct your ear using the latest, most effective techniques available.

Treatment for Severe Ear Injuries

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones carries extensive knowledge in all parts of the ear. If you have experienced an injury to the head that resulted in severe ear deformity, Dr. Jones can develop a precise treatment plan to ensure your ear is reconstructed to its natural form and function. He often uses a combination of innovative approaches, including the proven rib graft technique or microtia repair methods, to reconstruct the ear and restore balance and proportion to the face. Dr. Jones employs staged reconstructions for severe ear injuries because of the fragility of the ear tissues. In certain cases, this approach allows the ear being reconstructed to settle into its shape in stages, resulting in a more natural and favorable outcome.

Please contact our office in Atlanta to get the superior treatment you need after traumatic ear loss. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a skilled and caring surgeon that takes the time with each patient to fully explain your treatment options as well as what to expect during recovery. Depending on your situation and coverage, insurance may cover surgery to correct a traumatic ear defect.