Ear Amputation Surgeon

When it comes to ear amputation, your most trusted surgeon is Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta. He carries over 20 years of specialized training in his field and has successfully performed hundreds of reconstructive ear surgeries that involve traumatic ear injury or ear loss. Dr. Jones is double board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT), which allows him the unique and important capability to reconstruct the external ear structure while carefully adhering to the optimal function of the inner ear.

After ear amputation, the ear must be reconstructed with consideration to proper circulation to all parts of the ear as well as adequate skin and soft tissue coverage over the cartilage. Dr. Jones is distinguished in his field for successfully treating the most challenging ear deformities. He uses progressive surgical methods and his expertise in microtia repair to restore the ear to its natural shape and form. Many of the innovative techniques, such as cartilage grafting, that he uses to repair congenital ear defects can also be implemented in ear reconstruction after a severe trauma.

Reasons for Ear Amputation

Although the ear can be unexpectedly amputated during a blunt trauma, such as a car accident or dog bite, there are also situations when the ear needs to be amputated by a surgeon to prevent further health complications. Cancer, hematomas and infections of the ear can all require ear amputation if severe. A third of all cancers of the ear extend into and corrupt the cartilage of the external ears. This demands ear amputation and reconstruction by a qualified plastic surgeon.

Regardless of the cause of your ear amputation or the severity of tissue lost, you can be confident in your decision to let Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones treat you. He realizes the importance of not only matching the size and shape of the ear to the other ear, but also making sure you have positive hearing results.

Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with an ear amputation surgeon who carries distinguished skill and talented artistry. Dr. Jones will take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and desires before recommending an effective treatment plan. We believe in providing patients with a detailed explanation of their surgery and recovery so that they know exactly what to expect during the process.