Treatment for Ear Deformities

When it comes to treatment for ear deformities, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is your most qualified and experienced surgeon. There are many types of ear deformities, including those involving the outer ear form and shape as well as those that also involve defects in the inner ear structure. Dr. Jones is a gentle and experienced surgeon who is equipped to treat all types of ear deformities with the highest level of expertise. Dr. Jones is dual certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT or ear, nose & throat). This specialized training gives him the ability to perform delicate ear reconstruction without compromising the workings of the middle ear.

What Causes Ear Deformities?

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones corrects both traumatic ear deformities and congenital ear deformities. For patients born with ear defects, such as prominent ears or microtia, Dr. Jones uses the most innovative and superior surgical techniques available to bring natural results, restoring both form and function of the ear. In traumatic ear deformities, patients may experience ear damage due to an accident or injury. In these cases, you can trust that Dr. Jones will provide excellent cosmetic ear reconstruction to repair the specific areas of damage. Many times Dr. Jones employs staged reconstructions for traumatic deformities because of the fragility of the ear tissues, an approach that allows the reconstructed ear to settle into its shape in stages, resulting in a more natural and better looking outcome.

Regardless of the specific cause or type of ear deformity you have, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a distinguished surgeon you can trust to handle your concerns and meet your goals. We understand the emotional and functional impairment ear deformities can bring, especially in a child. Dr. Jones takes extra measures to ensure parents are well informed about their child’s condition and understand the treatment options that are available to them. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and learn more about Dr. Jones' advanced ear reconstruction techniques for ear deformities.