Ear Trauma Surgeon

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a reputable plastic surgeon who delivers unmatched expertise to patients who have suffered an ear trauma. With double board certifications in plastic surgery and ENT, as well as over 20 years of specialized training and Ivy League education, Dr. Jones is equipped to flawlessly restore a damaged or even lost ear after an injury or accident. He uses techniques that create natural and balanced results, while carefully maintaining or restoring hearing when necessary.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones assesses each damaged ear individually before organizing the reconstruction plan. For cosmetic ear surgery, Dr. Jones may borrow from the classical microtia repair techniques —his area of expertise—or apply other innovative techniques better suited for specific ear defects. Frequently, Dr. Jones employs staged reconstructions for traumatic deformities because of the fragility of the ear tissues. In certain cases, this approach allows the ear being reconstructed to settle into its shape in stages, resulting in a more natural and better looking outcome.

What types of traumatic ear deformities does Dr. Jones treat?

You can trust that Dr. Jones is a gentle, experienced surgeon who can handle your ear trauma in its entirety. Our Atlanta practice treats the following types of traumatic ear deformities:

Please contact Dr. Jones today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about surgery to correct traumatic ear deformities. Dr. Jones will discuss your concerns and desires with you and explain the details of the surgery. He will take the time to gain a full understanding of your situation so you will be satisfied with the results.