Stahl’s Ear - Spock, Vulcan Ear

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is an experienced and gentle surgeon who can skillfully treat Stahl’s ear. He uses the latest and most progressive reconstructive techniques to correct the Spock or Vulcan ear appearance that Stahl’s Ear is known for. With his dual certifications (Plastic Surgery and ENT) and world-class training, Dr. Jones continues to be among the most qualified surgeons to handle complex ear deformities. At our Atlanta practice, we treat both congenital and traumatic ear deformities with the highest level of expertise and personalized care. Dr. Jones uses methods that delicately restore the outer ear shape and form without compromising the workings of the middle ear.

What is Stahl’s Ear?

Stahl’s Ear is an ear deformity that is present at birth. This congenital defect occurs when the rim of the ear is flattened and the upper portions deformed. The skin and cartilage are folded to different degrees, which can result in a pointed upper edge (a Spock or Vulcan ear shape).

Surgical or otoplasty options to correct Stahl’s Ear depends on a variety of factors, including the age of the child, the severity of the deformity, as well as how the tissue reacts during surgery. Through a hands-on examination, Dr. Jones can determine which ear reconstruction techniques are best for your child. Our goal is to utilize the most effective, careful strategies to restore natural form and function to the ear.

If you would like more information about Stahl’s ear and the successful treatment options that Dr. Jones uses, please contact our office today. Dr. Jones makes it a priority to help patients and parents fully understand their congenital ear deformity, as well as present the reconstructive options available to them in detail. Allowing such a renowned ear surgeon to correct your child’s Stahl’s Ear can prevent devastating stigmas and emotional damage in the future.