Congenital Ear Atresia Surgeon

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is your most qualified congenital ear atresia surgeon. Congenital atresia refers to the absence of the external ear canal. Since this is a birth defect that often involves the outer ear, as well as includes other abnormalities of the middle ear bones, Dr. Jones is uniquely equipped to treat this condition in its entirety. Dr. Jones is double board certified in both plastic surgery (outer ear) and otolaryngology (ENT), which allows him to carefully reconstruct a natural ear shape while maintaining or restoring hearing of the inner ear. We understand the social and functional impairment that children face when they have congenital ear deformities, such as ear atresia. Dr. Jones takes time to fully understand your situation and he will carefully outline the treatment options available to you so that you feel comfortable and confident in your decisions.

External Ear Canal Surgery

You can trust that Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is exceptionally qualified to perform external ear canal surgery and repair the most challenging cases of congenital aural atresia (CAA). He uses innovative surgical techniques and proprietary methods to provide long-term restoration and improved hearing to patients who have an underdeveloped external auditory canal.

Congenital aural atresia is commonly accompanied by microtia, which makes Dr. Jones your leading ear surgeon for this condition. He is a renowned microtia repair specialist who uses the proven sculpted rib graft technique to restore the ear using a patient’s own natural tissue. Regardless of the severity of your ear atresia or microtia, you can trust Dr. Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists to present the latest, most effective treatment options at the most ideal stage in your child’s growth.

Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones for congenital ear atresia repair. This can be a challenging ear deformity that requires a surgeon such as Dr. Jones, who carries extensive training, technique and experience in both the outer and inner ear.