Ear Tag Removal

Are you looking for a qualified and gentle surgeon that performs ear tag removal? Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a highly sought after and experienced surgeon who specializes in treating congenital ear deformities in children. With his double board certifications in plastic surgery and ENT, you can trust that your child is in good hands. At our Atlanta practice, we are equipped to handle a full range of ear defects, from complex microtia repair to cosmetic ear tag excision. Dr. Jones is known for his innovative surgical techniques and successful, natural results when it comes to ear reconstruction.

What are ear tags?

Skin tags in front of the ears are congenital abnormalities involving the fetal developmental stages. Some skin tags are skin only while others involve some cartilages. In most ear tag cases, hearing is not affected and the removal is a cosmetic procedure that many parents elect for their baby or young child. Skin tags can be associated with other congenital abnormalities and syndromes like Goldenhar syndrome and Wildervanck syndrome.

Dr. Jones skillfully treats skin tags with excision. Depending on the size of the tag, this is typically an in-office procedure performed with local anesthesia. Patients with a large mass may need to have general anesthesia. Dr. Jones recommends scheduling ear tag removal for a child before they reach school age, as this condition can be a source of ridicule among peers and cause preventable psychological stress.

To learn more about Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones and his distinguished ear reconstruction techniques, please contact our office today. We take extra measures to ensure patients and parents are well informed of the specific treatment options available to them. When it comes to congenital ear deformities, Dr. Jones delivers the highest level of expertise.