Treatment for Ear Scars

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a double board certified plastic surgeon who can effectively treat your ear scars. He is recognized for providing successful results for the most challenging congenital ear defects and ear trauma. Therefore, when it comes to unattractive ear scars, you can trust that Dr. Jones is equipped to handle your concerns. Regardless of what caused your scar or where it is located on the ear, we can restore your ear to its most natural form and shape. We implement effective treatment, management and removal for ear scars, including hypertrophic and keloid scars.

A Plastic Surgeon that Removes Ear Scars

Ear scars can develop from a severe burn, infection, previous surgery, animal bite or other trauma. While most are solely a cosmetic concern, they can also become a functional concern as well. With his unique expertise in both the outer ear structure and ENT, you can trust that Dr. Jones can remove your ear scars with the highest level of precision and care.

When customizing your treatment plan, Dr. Jones considers factors such as how the wound heals, the specific location of the scar on the ear, the direction in which the scar lies, your age and whether or not you have a history of a scarring disorder. He uses innovative techniques during scar removal, which may include excision and replacement procedures using skin grafting or local flaps.

When you choose Dr. Jones, you can always expect him to take the time to fully explain the treatment options available to you, including what to expect during recovery and the cost of the procedure. We welcome patients of all ages to our elite ear practice in Atlanta. Whether you have a mild cosmetic concern or a complex ear deformity, Dr. Jones will exceed your expectations and bring you the most favorable outcome possible.

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