Ear Avulsion Injuries

Ear avulsion is a devastating injury that requires the expertise of an experienced and qualified surgeon. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is double board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology and he is known for his innovative techniques to repair traumatic ear injuries, such as avulsion. Most plastic surgeons working on the outer ears have only minimal training on the inside ear structures where hearing takes place. However, Dr. Jones is equipped with over ten years of training and experience in ENT—or ear, nose, and throat—surgery. Therefore, if you have suffered an unfortunate ear avulsion, resulting in either partial or total ear loss, you can trust that Dr. Jones can provide the most effective and customized treatment plan that restores natural form to your ear without compromising the workings of the inner ear.

A Plastic Surgeon that Repairs and Treats Ear Avulsion Injuries

Ear avulsion refers to the forced detachment of the ear during a trauma or injury. Because this detachment often results in a complex split of skin, cartilage and other ear structures, it requires an experienced and highly skilled plastic surgeon to reconstruct the ear successfully. You can trust Dr. Jones to handle the most challenging ear avulsion cases. He is a renowned plastic surgeon who is known for his significant contributions to improve the best ear reconstruction standards.

To repair and treat your ear avulsion injury, Dr. Jones will carefully assess your specific situation first. He will design a treatment plan that will most likely include a combination of techniques and staged reconstruction to protect the fragility of the ear tissues as they heal. Dr. Jones is known for providing ideal results using microtia repair methods – his area of expertise. He frequently uses the rib graft technique, which has the advantage of using one’s own natural tissue and is less susceptible to infection or rejection than an artificial ear.

Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Mark Mitchell Jonbes, MD and learn more about the reconstructive options available to you after an ear avulsion injury. We understand the importance of creating long-lasting and natural results that restore balance and proportion to your face.