Ear Reconstruction Surgeon

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a renowned ear construction surgeon in Atlanta that you can trust to correct both minor and severe ear deformities. Dr. Jones is an Ivy League-educated, double board-certified (Plastic Surgery & ENT) surgeon with world-class training. With these credentials, superior skills and a gentle nature, he provides patients with the highest level of care and surgical expertise. We understand the social and functional impairment that can accompany a congenital ear defect, as well as the cosmetic concerns resulting from an ear trauma. You will find that Dr. Jones uses a knowledgeable and personalized approach to handle your unique concerns, as he restores both the function and form of your ear with the most natural results.

What are the options for Ear Reconstruction Surgery?

Helping patients or parents fully understand their options for ear reconstruction surgery is important to Dr. Jones. He takes the time to educate patients of the benefits and risks of each surgical option. Depending on your specific ear deformity and the areas and tissue that are involved, Dr. Jones can utilize a variety of ear reconstruction techniques, including otoplasty and the proven sculpted rib graft technique, which gives the advantage of using one’s own natural tissue to repair the ear. You can trust that Dr. Jones is not only familiar with all of the ear reconstruction methods, but he is recognized for his noteworthy contributions to improve ear reconstruction standards as well. At our Atlanta practice, we offer ear reconstruction for traumatic ear deformities and congenital ear deformities including:

• Microtia

• Congenital or Vestigial Ear Remnant

• Constricted Ear

• Stahl’s Ear

• Prominent Ears

Ear surgery requires the expert skill of a plastic surgeon along with the understanding of the functionality of the inner workings of the ear. With these skills, Dr. Jones is uniquely qualified to perform quality microtia and ear reconstruction surgery. To learn more about Dr. Jones or his technique, please contact us today schedule a consultation.