Microtia Surgeon

Microtia Surgeon

What Should I Expect During My Consultation with Dr. Jones?

Dr. Jones will explain to parents the options available for microtia surgery. He will explain the degree of microtia present, review the patient's test results, outline the treatment plan, and detail the surgical steps necessary for reconstructing the ear (see Microtia Treatment Options).

The Right Surgeon

Dr. Jones will take a significant amount of time to ensure that parents understand that the best type of doctor to handle microtia surgery is one who has complete mastery of plastic surgery skills (to delicately carve a mirror image ear out of human tissue) as well as a doctor who has working knowledge and understanding of the workings of the middle and inner ear, such as an E.N.T. (Ear, Nose & Throat specialist or Otolaryngology). Most doctors are specialized in one area of medicine but not the other. A parent's best choice for microtia surgery is a doctor like Dr. Jones who is board certified in both plastic surgery and E.N.T. (Board Certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties, not by an unofficial board of which there are many.)

Getting the Best Results

Choosing the right surgeon is very important because the first microtia surgery is your best chance to achieve the best result. Correcting a poorly reconstructed ear is much more difficult than creating one initially and will take better than the best surgeon to do so. Parents want someone who is not only experienced in creating the ear out of cartilage but someone who can do it quickly, efficiently and effectively. The aesthetic nature of plastic surgery combined with the technical skills necessary gives Dr. Jones's microtia surgery patients a reconstructed ear that is a mirror image of the normal ear.

Questions Answered

At your consultation, Dr. Jones reviews the genetics, types of deformities present, hearing issues, surgical and non-surgical options, the mechanisms of the surgery, the stages of surgery, possible complications and what to expect. He reviews medical history, takes a physical exam, and analyzes the ear deformities at the time of the visit. Dr. Jones inquires about family history, patient's general health, surgical history, allergies, current medication and any special medical problems. Dr. Jones will answer all of the parent and child's concerns regarding microtia surgery and the necessary steps involved. He will also cover the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of ear reconstruction surgeries available and what method would suit your child best.

Be Prepared

Dr. Jones preferred method of ear reconstruction is the standard rib graft technique, which is a 4-step surgical process (see What Actually Happens During Microtia Surgery). Because this can take anywhere from 9 months to a year to complete the process, Dr. Jones likes to make sure parents and children are comfortable, educated and prepared for ear reconstruction.

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