Ear Malformation Surgery and Treatment

When it comes to treating your child’s ear malformation, you deserve the best. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a certified Otolaryngologist and Plastic Surgeon, which allows him the unique capability to treat all types of ear malformations with successful expertise. He has made significant contributions to advance the ear reconstruction standard and is recognized for his ability to treat the most challenging congenital deformities.

If untreated, congenital ear deformities can cause hearing loss, developmental delays, cosmetic issues as well as affect the nearby cartilage, bones and nerves. Dr. Jones can evaluate your child or newborn for ear malformations and recommend the most effective treatment options available to you. In some cases, ear deformities require ear molding as an infant and surgery after the ear has grown (usually age 6) to fully repair problems of the earlobe or outer ear structure.

What are the causes and types of ear malformations?

There are many types of ear malformations, most with causes that are not fully understood. Ear malformations occur during fetal development and may be due to factors such as genetic mutations, viral infection, toxin exposure or a lack of blood supply to the baby’s ear in the womb.

Dr. Jones carries over 20 years of experience and training when it comes to repairing congenital ear deformities including the following types:

• Microtia

• Conchal deformity

• Protruding ears

• Constricted ears (or lop or cup ears)

• Cryptotia

• Stahl's ear

• Ear tag

• Congenital earlobe deformities

• Pinna Deformity

• Ear Helix Deformity

• Macrotia

Regardless of the cause or type of ear malformation, Dr. Jones uses progressive treatments that focus on correcting the natural shape of the ear and restoring any hearing loss. We take the time to listen and fully understand your situation before educating you on the options available to you. During your consultation with Dr. Jones, he will carefully outline your specific treatment plan including the expected treatment length, recovery and costs. It is our privilege to help you achieve the most natural, functional results possible after a congenital ear malformation.

Contact Dr. Jones today to learn more about his distinguished Microtia repair techniques or other ear reconstruction procedures in Atlanta.