Macrotia Ear Surgery

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is your most trusted surgeon when it comes to ear birth defects such as macrotia. We understand the importance of creating natural results that restore balance and proportion to the ears and face. Dr. Jones is exceptionally qualified to treat both minor and complex macrotia cases. He is double board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT), which gives Dr. Jones the distinguished authority to reconstruct the shape and form of the external ear without compromising the workings of the inner ear. Correcting the enlarged ear appearance found in macrotia can profoundly benefit a patient’s appearance and self esteem.

What is Macrotia?

Macrotia is a congenital ear deformity that is marked by oversized or enlarged ears. This defect differs from protruding ears in that most macrotia patients have ears that are positioned at a normal distance from the head, yet their ears are genuinely too large in terms of measuring from the top to bottom and/or from the front to back. Patients who choose surgical correction often need otoplasty that targets the upper portion of the ear, as this is the primary area of concern in macrotia. Specifically, the scapha is often over developed, which creates a prominent or big ear appearance. The scapha is the curved, boat-like depression separating the helix (outer rim) and antihelix of the ear.

Dr. Jones uses progressive techniques and the latest developments in ear reconstruction to safely and effectively reduce the size of the upper ear, or scapha region, while preserving a natural looking ear shape and contour. We understand what an important decision it is to choose ear surgery for your child. You will find that Dr. Jones takes the time to fully understand your situation, as well as educate you on your child’s specific congenital ear malformation and present the treatment options that are available to you. Dr. Jones is not only a gentle and caring surgeon, but he is recognized in his field for delivering successful results in patients with the most challenging ear deformities.

Contact Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones in Atlanta today to learn more about his macrotia surgery techniques. You can trust that we make every effort to ensure your entire treatment process is as positive as possible, from your initial consultation until your final results are achieved.