Ear Helix Deformity

Approximately 5% of the American population has an ear malformation of some type. Many congenital ear defects involve abnormalities of the ear helix, or outer rim. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a highly qualified surgeon in Atlanta that you can trust. He carries dual board certifications in plastic surgery and ENT. With his innovative technique and proprietary ear reconstruction methods, you can be confident that he will restore the most natural form and shape to your ear without compromising the inner ear workings. As an elite microtia repair specialist, he is able to correct all types of ear helix deformities with the gentle precision and expertise you deserve.

Ear Helix, Outer Rim of the Ear Surgery

The helix refers to the prominent outer rim of the ear. In a normal ear, it forms a “C” formation and has a gentle fold. There are many different deformities that can occur within the ear helix. Some conditions, such as Stahl’s ear, are marked by an over folded or pointed outer rim appearance while others involve only a remnant of the helix, as in microtia. Choosing Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones to perform reconstructive ear surgery for a malformed ear helix, means you can save your child psychological distress that often accompanies ear defects in school-aged children. Pointed ears, small ears, Dumbo ears and protruding ears can all be an unfortunate source of ridicule.

Dr. Jones takes extra measures to ensure parents are well informed of their child’s ear deformities, as well as the specific treatment options that are available. If your child has ear helix abnormalities due to microtia, you can trust that you are in the best hands with Dr. Jones. He is a renowned microtia repair specialist who is recognized for his innovative methods and proven rib graft technique results.

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