Ear Reconstruction - The Bespoke Ear (BE)

Carving an ear from living cartilage is an unusually challenging surgical procedure. Why? First, the surgeon making the ear is having to do so with minimum amount of raw material (patient's own rib cartilage) to carve out all the required pieces. Second, these pieces have to be sewn to form a firm, yet as thin as possible, three-dimensional ear structure. Finally, the time to construct the ear in the operating room is limited. Therefore, it takes an exceptional surgeon to be able to accomplish a natural-looking ear with those constraints.

To compensate for the time constraints or the skill required for design details and individual peculiarities, many ear surgeons apply the same ear-making procedure for each patient, standardizing the design. It saves time and reduces risks of not being able to handle the devils in the details. Dr. Jones; however, does not allow time constraints nor lack of skill to prevent him from custom-designing each and every ear. He never cuts corners during the operation. The optimal outcome for the patient is his primary concern. Dr. Jones's exceptional training (we cannot find anyone else in the world with such training), magic hands, and ambition for a most natural outcome make him a leader in ear surgery.

While one can argue that microtia reconstruction lends itself to an assembly line approach in the same way that some surgeons approach nose reconstruction and breast augmentation; in reality, ears come in significant variations. If you compare your ear to a friend's (non- family member) ear, you will see several distinctions; some are almost undetectable, whereas some are very noticeable, including the size. Dr. Jones acknowledges and spends the extra time in surgery and outside the surgery so that the patient receives a custom-tailored ear just for him or her, or as the English tailor would say: "A bespoke ear.” A bespoke is an old English tailors' word meaning "made to special order.”

Dr. Jones' Innovative Microtia Repair And Ear Reconstruction Techniques:

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