Conchal Deformity Repair

When it comes to treating conchal deformities in children and adults, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones has a reputation and commitment to excellence. Dr. Jones is double-board certified in both plastic surgery and ENT, giving him a unique qualification to perform ear reconstruction that gives ideal aesthetic results while also maintaining or enhancing hearing of the inner ear. At our practice in Atlanta, we understand the physiological struggles associated with congenital ear deformities such as conchal deformity. You can trust that we will address your concerns with superior, patient-centered care and help you or your child achieve a more natural, confident appearance using the latest treatment options available.

Dr. Jones uses proprietary techniques and advanced surgical methods to repair conchal deformities of all type and severities. With his noteworthy contributions in his field, Dr. Jones is recognized for his valuable improvements to ear reconstruction standards. He carries the depth of knowledge you need and the gentle, caring approach you deserve when it comes to treating both congenital and traumatic ear deformities.

What is a Conchal Deformity?

The concha refers to the hollow bowl like portion of the outer ear next to the canal. In a normal ear, the concha has gentle curves that transition the ear canal to the antihelix fold. However, if there is an enlarged concha, it can force the outer ear away from the scalp. Often, an overdeveloped or excessively deep conchal bowl causes a “big” or prominent ear appearance. Dr. Jones can use revision otoplasty to restore the conchal contour or perform a conchal reduction. Regardless of your specific type of conchal deformity, you can trust that Dr. Jones will help you achieve the most natural look.

Please contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones. He is a renowned ear surgeon who takes the time with each patient to fully understand your situation and present the best possible treatment options.