Ear Reconstruction Surgery - The Integrated Cartilage Graft (ICG)

Ear Reconstruction

Figure 1.

The ICG is Dr. Jones' solution to the technical problem in ear reconstruction of how to construct an ear cartilage framework that is strong enough to resist the deformities of the healing forces (i.e. when surgery scars heal they pull together the skin, deforming the initial design of the ear), while at the same time making the ear cartilage graft thin enough to mimic the thickness of a natural ear. Basically, Dr. Jones has come up with a carving technique that allows him to integrate the two pieces of cartilage that form the ear (Figure 1.) in such a way that the combined product achieves optimal thickness and strength. First, he prepares the base cartilage by creating a thin hollow through the rim of the outer edge of the base cartilage (Figure 2). Then, Dr. Jones uses his skill and precise dexterity to manipulate the helix cartilage in its place for a seamless fit. In contrast, the standard carving approach does not enhance the bonding (hence the strength) during the integration of the two cartilage pieces. As a result, the combined product (the ear) is not optimized in its final natural-like appearance, thickness, or strength.

Ear Reconstruction

Figure 2.

Dr. Jones' Innovative Microtia Repair And Ear Reconstruction Techniques:

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