Ear Reduction Surgery

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced surgeon to perform ear reduction surgery for enlarged or prominent ears, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is your answer. Big ears, or macrotia, are a congenital deformation that can be the source of ridicule among children and adults. Dr. Jones is a double board certified surgeon with expertise in both plastic surgery and ENT, and he is equipped to perform ear reduction techniques that restore a natural, confident appearance. Our Atlanta practice provides treatment for a full range of congenital ear deformities and ear trauma. We use the latest, most advanced techniques available to give patients an optimal treatment process and excellent outcome.

A Plastic Surgeon that Specializes in Ear Reduction Surgery

Dr. Jones carries over 20 years of experience and training in ear surgery, including ear reduction. He is a plastic surgeon that is known in his field for his expertise in microtia repair and for his significant contributions to improve ear reconstruction standards. When it comes to treating enlarged or prominent ears, Dr. Jones will design a treatment plan that is based on the patient’s individual needs and concerns. Since big ears can cause psychological distress in a child, the ear reduction surgery is best performed before a child enters school. However, the ears need to be fully grown for treatment methods to be most effective, which is typically when a child is between the ages of 5 and 6.

Contact Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones in Atlanta today to learn more about ear reduction surgery. We understand the social and sometimes functional impairment that congenital ear deformities bring. Therefore, you can trust that Dr. Jones will offer superior, patient-centered care to restore a normal ear appearance for your child. During your consultation, we will carefully explain the treatment options available to you, as well as what you can expect in regards to timing and cost.