Constricted Ear Surgery

If your child was born with constricted ears, also known as cup or lop ears, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is your most trusted surgeon. He is a double board-certified (Plastic Surgery & ENT) surgeon with world-class training, equipping him to perform the most successful ear surgeries that restore the natural form of the external ear without compromising the inner ear workings. Whether your have a constricted ear that is mild or severe, you can depend on Dr. Jones to handle your case with utmost precision and personalized care to help you achieve your expected results. The flattened or rolled outer ear appearance of this congenital ear defect can result in a pointed, unattractive ear or even involve middle ear deformities that cause hearing problems. Dr. Jones is an experienced and gentle surgeon who will offer the most advanced surgical techniques to correct cup ear or lop ear deformities.

What is a Cup Ear or Constricted Ear Deformity?

Constricted ear deformity is a type congenital ear defect where the rim of the ear is tightened or constricted. More severe forms cause the ear to be rolled up in a tube. In this case, the entire ear and hairline may be set low and there may be hearing impairment due to middle ear involvement. Regardless of the degree of constricted ear deformity that you or your child is experiencing, Dr. Jones will treat each patient’s needs with careful analysis to determine the best reconstructive option, including otoplasty or other innovative techniques. Surgery for a minor problem may be as simple as shortening an excessive overhang while severe deformities may involve cartilage removal. Dr. Jones carries unique, specialized training in both outer and inner ear surgery and he has made reputable contributions to ear reconstruction standards. Therefore, when it comes to surgery for a lop ear deformity, your child is not only in good hands, but in the best hands.

To further discuss your child’s constricted ear deformity or to learn more about the specific surgical options available to you, please contact Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones in Atlanta today.