Microtia Surgeon's Qualifications


Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is uniquely qualified for ear reconstruction with years of specialized training in both ENT (ear, nose, and throat) and plastic surgery, focusing on ear reconstruction:

  • ENT surgery specialist and associate staff member, further trained by the chief of otology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, a world renowned center in ear surgery research and training
  • Plastic surgery resident at the Stanford University Medical Center, a national leader in ear reconstruction techniques at the time
  • Fulbright Scholar in Paris, learning the European state-of-the-art techniques in ear reconstruction from the leading French innovator in these methods
  • Associate of the California Ear Institute, a highly ranked center of excellence and a premier site for treatment in ear related disorders

Contribution to the Field

Dr. Jones has developed several improvements to the standard ear reconstruction methods. He launched the necessary background work to these significant enhancements by first studying and learning how the inside of the ear works, and only then focusing his studies and training on the middle and the outer ear. Most plastic surgeons working on the outer ears have only minimal training on the inside ear and its structures where the hearing takes place. In contrast, Dr. Jones spent ten years in ENT—or ear, nose, and throat—surgery training.


Dr. Jones began his ear studies with Dr. George Nager, the chief otologist, or a hearing doctor, at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Learning about the inside of the ear hearing aspects from the best allowed Dr. Jones to lay a firm foundation for later being able to reconstruct the outer ear optimizing the hearing part. Unlike most plastic surgeons not trained in the inside ear, Dr. Jones is comfortable working inside the ear and can therefore save the patient's original ear remnants that connect to the middle and inner ear and optimize any hearing connections. This is a little known aspect, but a crucial differentiator in plastic surgeons that work on ears.


Once he had gained mastery of the inside ear, Dr. Jones obtained his plastic surgery, or outer ear, training at Stanford University. Stanford University was the national leader in ear reconstruction techniques at the time. While training at Stanford, Dr. Jones spent a year as a Fulbright Scholar in Paris, France, to learn the state-of-the-art techniques in Europe under Dr. Francoise Fermin, the French innovator in these methods. Once back in California, Dr. Jones joined Dr. Rodney Perkins (otologist) and Dr. Bert Brent (plastic surgeon) at the California Ear Institute to collaborate and perfect his ear surgery skills before moving to Atlanta.


This unique and extensive combination of plastic surgery (outer ear) and otology (inside ear) training has never been duplicated. It has allowed Dr. Jones to distinguish himself as an ear reconstruction authority who can integrate the outer ear reconstruction without compromising the workings of the inside ear. Dr. Jones has capitalized on his expertise by developing several improvements to the best ear reconstruction standards. These enhancements include the Integrated (Ear) Cartilage Graft (ICG), the Wrap Around Earlobe (WAE), Juxtaposition Ear (JE), and the Bespoke Ear (BE).

Dr. Jones' Innovative Microtia Repair and Ear Reconstruction Techniques:

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