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Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones Reunited with Former Haitian Patient at Childspring International Gala

Recently, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists was the guest of honor at the 2012 Childspring International Gala, reuniting him with a former child ear surgery patient from Haiti.

At the 2012 Childspring International Gala, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones was the guest of honor along with his former patient, Herbie, who he had treated thirteen years ago for microtia. Herbie has become an accomplished young man serving his community.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is an Atlanta plastic surgeon who has devoted much of his career to correcting congenital deformities such as cleft palate and microtia. In 1999, Childspring International approached Dr. Jones about Herbie, a child in Haiti who was born without ears (bi-lateral microtia).

Childspring International is a faith-based children’s medical charity that provides medical treatment and opportunities for children across the globe. Their mission involves healing children physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. They have a goal of helping 5,000 children by the year 2020.

When Dr. Jones was first presented with Herbie’s case, he instantly felt a connection and agreed to help. Childspring arranged airfare, travel documents, and a local family to host Herbie for his ear surgery. As a leading expert in ear reconstruction, Dr. Jones felt confident that he could help Herbie and pave the way towards a better life for him.

“Here was this 8 or 9 year old boy, completely deaf, living in a Christian school for children with disabilities in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. He was stigmatized by his disability. Some people are very superstitious and elders referred to him as the “snake boy” since he had no ears. It was heartbreaking,” explained Dr. Jones.

A total ear reconstruction such as Herbie’s required five separate surgeries to complete the process. Herbie was flown to Atlanta from Haiti for each operation and grew to have a lifelong relationship with his host family. With additional surgery to create an ear canal and eardrum and with the aid of a BAHA (bone anchoring hearing device), Herbie’s hearing is now within a normal range.

“Herbie is a wonderfully charming young man. He now speaks English & French as well as sign language and works as an interpreter for an American Aid Association in Haiti. I’m very proud of him, and it’s gratifying to have contributed in helping him to becoming a leader in his community,” Dr. Jones said.

Dr. Jones has performed over 300 ear reconstruction surgeries and is known as a leading expert in the field of microtia repair. He is board certified in plastic surgery as well as otolaryngology (ENT or Ear, Nose and Throat). He has twenty years of experience as well as an impressive educational background and trained at leading facilities in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Jones’s unique credentials allow him to focus on the aesthetics as well as the functionality of ear reconstruction surgery.

Standard Rib Graft technique has become the gold standard for microtia repair. It’s the preferred method over implants or prosthetics for several reasons. The main advantage of ear reconstruction surgery is that the ear is created from the patient’s own tissue. Surgery generally begins around age 5 or 6. With an ear constructed from rib cartilage, there won’t be rejection or extrusion issues. It is also much less susceptible to infection. While plastic ear implants can be done on children as young as three, these devices are much more susceptible to infections, rejection and healing issues.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones and the long term staff at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Consultants are experienced in helping parents of young children with microtia through the surgical process. Many patients come to us from out of town and we can help you find accommodations, dining, and entertainment for your family while in the Atlanta area.

About Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from Emory University in Chemistry and Pre-Med. He attended the University of Canterbury in New Zealand for Medical Business Administration and Oxford University in England where he obtained an additional Bachelors & Master’s degree in Medical Physiology and Research. Dr. Jones returned to the U.S. and did his residency at John Hopkins University in ENT and Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Jones completed a Fulbright Fellowship in Plastic Surgery in Paris, France and completed a second Residency in Plastic Surgery at Stanford University.

Dr. Jones has the unique distinction of holding dual board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat; ENT) and over 20 years of experience. This makes him uniquely qualified to not only enhance the aesthetic, but also the natural functionality of the body.

Mark Mitchell Jones MD, F.A.C.S
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Kizma Hampton

Dr. Jones is the BEST!!! The staff is also great too. They are always friendly and welcoming. I am so happy that I chose him. I had liposuction and a tummy tuck done. I am amazed at my new body. I chose him because of his experience and he is the best plastic surgeon in Atlanta, Ga. My surgery experience was great I love the no drain technique that he does. I feel confident and beautiful. And my new look is wonderful and I couldn't be happier. And it feels great to get compliments from my family and friends because they love my new look as well!!!

Anne Jones

Why did I look sad when I was not? When I saw my “normal” facial expression in the mirror, it just looked worn out. I did not like it for I did not feel like that on the inside! Dr. Jones changed it! After Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones did my eye lid surgery, I feel great about seeing myself in the mirror again. None of that loopy, tired look anymore! My only regret: I should have done this earlier. Creams do nothing to remove the wrinkles and the sagging eyelids that accompany getting into my late 40s. I feel refreshed in the face, and it affects my inside every time I look in the mirror or see a photo of myself. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones did a fabulous job. He did not go overboard, he did it just right. He had the expert touch from the beginning to the end. Trusting my doctor is most important to me, and if I do this surgery again in ten years, I will just let him decide what can be done to achieve a more refreshed, happier look. It pays to let experience bear. It is my face. No scars. No sagging eyelids. Even the wrinkles around my eyes went away. Thank you, Dr. Jones and your wonderful staff.

Deidre Bagley

The BEST decision I have ever made! Dr. Jones' bedside manner is remarkable, his staff is caring and made me feel individualized. I didn't want a factory line breast augmentation, so I researched surgeons and Jones stood out above the rest due to his expertise, study, knowledge, and specialized techniques. And that is what I wanted when I came to my body. My desired results were achieved with my health being priority. Surgery and recovery went without a hitch. Friends and family, some who have had the same procedure themselves, call his work exceptional!!

Bruce Moyer

First I want to say what a great group of assistants Dr.Jones has working for him. They are professional, efficient and organized. All of them are nice and will work closely with your schedule. As for Dr. Mark Jones you can find a better doctor he is "Magical" when it comes to surgery. I'm in my third stage of microtia and every surgery he's calm and reassuring that everything will turn out. He does what he says he going to do, and accurate on what the turnout will be. If I had to go through this again I wouldn't go to anyone else. Thank you Dr. Mark Jones.

Natalie Kramer

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is an incredible doctor! Not only is he highly credible with extensive knowledge in the field, he has great bedside manner. He and his staff made me feel calm and prepared for my surgery and answered all questions I had. I am so happy I chose Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialist to fix my nose, they did an incredible job and I have never felt better or more confident.

Celeste Temple

As a patient it's a fantastic experience. I'm so thrilled with my results and recovery was a breeze. I feel that his technique and his kind nature sets him apart from other surgeons. The outcome exceeded my expectations. As an employee I'm beyond grateful to be able to work for such a considerate, experienced physician.

Deigh Frost

My experience with Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists was really great. I liked Dr. Jones from the minute I met him. He answered all my questions and took any time necessary to explain everything to me about surgery options. He is friendly and professional and he and his staff made me feel at ease immediately. Surgery was a success and I am thrilled. I would recommend Dr. Mark Jones and his staff to anyone.

Amanda Sweeney

Working with Dr. Jones is truly a pleasure. It is a noticeable difference how much he cares for each individual patient, taking time to listen to their questions, concerns, and goals. His experience is unmatched and he helps each patient create a treatment plan that matches their desired outcomes.